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As a fast paced, exciting athletic competition, volleyball is difficult to beat. As a safe source of discount volleyball tickets, is impossible to beat.

Volleyball tickets for sale offer an opportunity to see how a sport evolves as the humans participating in it evolve. For decades, people have been buying tickets for volleyball to see the basically the same sport. The same rules, the same court, the same nets - these have not changed. What has changed is the pace and style of play as participants have changed. The simple truth is that with modern nutrition and training methods, today's elite athletes run faster and jump higher than athletes from any era that has come before. The changes to volleyball in particular can be seen most clearly in the player type, serve, and defense.

Decades ago, someone who got volleyball tickets for sale to see the best volleyball players would see body types that ran the gamut of humanity. The only things they would have had in common were that they were fit and good at the game. Today, volleyball has become a game like basketball where height and jumping ability dominate the sport. While there are always noteworthy exceptions in both sports, generally speaking, elite volleyball and basketball players will be tall and slim. Read More

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Tickets for volleyball once allowed people to see towering serves whose height was designed to create mistakes among the receiving team. Today, direct serves are the mainstay. The differences in the athletes explains this difference in the serve. A normal person from a standing position must softly loft the ball into the opposing court to keep the ball in bounds. A tall person with a good vertical leap though, can literally aim the ball down in to the opposing court. This change in serve technique provides the opposing team with far less reaction time as the serve becomes an offensive weapon where the receiving team must react to the power of the server, whereas previous generations considered the serve simply a method of putting the ball in play.

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The defensive play in volleyball is the last thing that has drastically changed. In large part, this has been a reaction to the change in offensive play. Volleyball players of generations ago considered a spike, the act of jumping up and slamming the ball straight down in to the opponents' court, a risky and ineffective move. It was risky because the player doing so risked hitting the net on his or her swing and ineffective because it is difficult to aim and create power with the flick of an outstretched hand. Today's defense though, must contend with players who can play well above the height of the net. This reduces the risk of fouling because they have more space to swing without hitting the net and increases effectiveness by giving the offensive player more power and control. Today's volleyball defenses are experts at blocking at the net. While yesteryear's player would wait on the ground for the ball, today's will leap up and try to intercept it as soon as it crosses the net.

Volleyball has evolved into a fast paced show of size and athleticism thanks to the continually improving athletes. Buying discount volleyball tickets has evolved into convenient experience thanks to

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